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After the latest Italian lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, humanity feels the need to take back control of its life and re-embrace a healthy everyday life. In the spring of 2021, in Italy, green areas and urban parks return to being safe spaces and oases of escape from the confusion of the city. The project was born in that period and it continued silently for about two years. It is an introspective journey, born for personal needs, which develops in some green areas on the outskirts of Rome such as Parco del Sorbo, Lago Bullicante EX-SNIA, Casale San Nicola, Villa Pamphilj and the EUR district. The main subject of the research is the landscape, recorded as a meeting point between the external and internal world. A dialogue is therefore established between a specific state of mind and a place which gives rise to a series of landscape’s portions called "Mindscapes". These mental landscapes don’t represent the first impression of the surrounding space but, on the contrary, a slow reflection of it. By slowing down, also thanks to a gradual process of approaching or moving away from the subject in question, the gaze ends up welcoming a more intimate and profound atmosphere. Nature and psyche come into contact, communicate and mix themselves in a succession of geometric, sinuous and articulated shapes that portray an interiority in continuous evolution

© Matteo Capone
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