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Matteo Capone was born in Rome in 1997.

In 2020 he graduated in Photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Rome. In 2021 he started one year of Fellowship with ParalleloZero (Milan). In 2022 he attended the Contemporary Photojournalism Master's degree at Officine Fotografiche (Rome) and he was selected by Fondazione Studio Marangoni (Florence) for a workshop curated by Michele Borzoni. In the same year he was chosen by Leica Camera Italia for the Roma ChilometroZero's project.

In 2023 he realized his first collaboration with Contrasto Photographers and he was involved in Romagna Tin Bòta's fundraising. 

A selection of his international recognition includes: collective exhibitions in IMP Festival, Kommunale Galerie, Photometria Festival etc;

shortlisted of Urbanautica Institute Awards 2022, finalist of ISPA 2022, finalist of the BUP Book Awards 2021;

publications on La Repubblica, La Stampa, Seipersei, Perimetro, Phroom, Landscapes Stories and others.



Contemporary author who uses detail, landscape and documentary photography as artistic expression and visual language. He's mainly focused on current and social issues in which the environment is the protagonist. This one is intended as a place where relations between territory and human activity emerge.

Indeed, his visual research begins with a project on the Italian industrial landscape, compromised and wounded in the course of history by human actions. Subsequently the landscape investigation turns on geomorphological questions and their resulting effects. An example is the depopulation of small villages, in which the relationship between absence and human presence manifest itself in the form of lived traces. Recently he covered positive industrial issues, where work, choices and solutions are based on circular economy and sustainability.

The interest in the territory born from the need to slow down, pause and immerse himself in contexts that fill a sense of emptiness. He was born and he's been growing up in a complicated historical period where the climate emergency creates, especially in young people, an anxiety to live with. His generation and subsequent generations are into this topic and, as a photographer, he feels the duty and desire to make a contribution.



FROM WASTE TO GOOD - ISPA, IMP Festival, Padova (26/05 - 25/06)

ABITANTI DEL SORBO - Your Roots, Perimetro, Cascina Cuccagna, Milano

RETI INVISIBILI - Street Photography, F-Stop Magazine (online)

SOLO - Same Same But Different: Exclusion, Perimetro, Base, Milano

ROMA VECCHIA - Young Advocates Open Call, Format Festival, Quad Gallery, Derby

SOLO - Looking for the Light, curated by Photometria Festival, Esp+ Gallery, Thessaloniki

MINDSCAPES - Black and White, F-Stop Magazine (online)



PUROSOLE - Climate Change Italia, curated by Contrasto, MAXXI, Rome

SOLO - Looking for the Light, curated by Photometria Festival, Melanithros Art Space, Athens

FROM WASTE TO GOOD - Note di lavoroFSM Gallery, Florence

MINDSCAPES - Resources 2.0, Fotofestival Lenzburg, Lenzburg

SOLO - Looking for the Light, Photometria Festival, Ioannina

PCCB - FotoLeggendo, Officine Fotografiche, Rome

PUROSOLE - Climate Change Italia, Festival Green&Blue, Milan

SOLO - Personality: Contemporary Portraiture, PH21 Gallery, Budapest

SIN - Ways of Living, Climate Project, curated by Then There Was Us, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

MIINDSCAPES - New Talents, curated by Photographic Exploration Project, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin

SOLO - Year Book, Shutter Hub (online)

PCCB - Open Theme, F-Stop Magazine (online)


SOLO - You/th, Kobo Studio, Rome

RETI INVISIBILI - Tales of Unwritten, Trieste Photo Days, Trieste

SIN - Fotografia a Sostegno del Pianeta, curated by Alessandro Curti, Sifest, Savignano sul Rubicone

SIN - Environmental Alterations, curated by Loosen Art, MillePiani, Rome

SIN - On Climate Change, Forum Austriaco di Cultura, Rome

SOLO - Favorite Photograph Exhibition, Lenscratch (online)

SIN - Landscape, F-Stop Magazine (online)

SIN - Four Degrees: Eco-Anxiety and Climate Change, Humble Arts Foundation (online)

STAND-BY NIGHT - Empty Streets, Art Doc Magazine (online)


Confinement, dans l'Attente de la Renaissance, Open Eye Magazine (online)

SIN - Hidden Histories, In Conversation With (online)




PCCB - Anthropology and Territories, shortlisted of the Urbanautica Institute Awards 2022

SOLO - Open Call - finalist of The Fc'Diary Photo


FROM WASTE TO GOOD - Storia Fotografica, finalist of the ISPA Awards 2022

SOLO - Looking for the Light, winner of the Photometria Awards 2022

SIN - Nature, Environment and Perspectives, special mention of the Urbanautica Institute Awards 2021

PUROSOLE - Una Transizione Sostenibile, second place of Gruppo Italia Energia



SOLO - One Shot - Our Times: Isolation, honorable mention of the International Photography Awards 2021

SIN - Blow Up Press, finalist of the BUP Book Award

SIN - Nature, Environment and Perspectives, special mention of the Urbanautica Institute Awards 2020



PCCB - Giro d'Italia, Artribune

LABORATORIO ITALIANO - Italian Tech, La Repubblica

The Annihilation of Space and Time, ZeroFeedBack

SIN - N Photography 116, Il Fotografo

FROM WASTE TO GOOD - ISPA, Seipersei Books


PCCB - Sguardi ContemporaneiFotografia dell'Architettura

MINDSCAPES - Issue 02 SunlightEki Magazine

PUROSOLE - Green&BlueNational Geographic Italia

PUROSOLE - Green&Blue, La Repubblica

PUROSOLE - Green&Blue, La Stampa

SOLO - Shutter Hub, Year Book


SIN - Vol IV, The Best Selected Book




PCCB - Panorama

FROM WASTE TO GOOD - Landscape Stories

SIN - Platform Green

PCCB - Conceptual Projects

PCCB - Artwort

PCCB - Perimetro 

LEGAMI - Esplorazioni Accessibili


PCCB - Best Selected

ROMA VECCHIA - Best Selected Project (November)

PCCB - Handbali Magazine

RETI INVISIBILI - The Street Rover

SIN - Float Photo Magazine


RETI INVISIBILI - Zero Nine Magazine

SIN - Black Camera (Rilegno)

STAND-BY NIGHT - Fotografia dell'architettura

SIN - Witness Journal

SIN - Mediterraneo Mag

SIN - Perimetro

SIN - In Fìeri

SIN - Still Young

SIN - Origine Magazine

SIN - Artwort

SIN - Ombra Magazine

SIN - Black River (Issue 01)


SIN - Float Photo Magazine (Annus Horribilis)

SIN - The Pupil Sphere

SIN - Conceptual Projects

SIN - Panorama

SIN - Landscape Stories

SIN - Korper Magazine

SIN - Art Doc Magazine

SIN - Phroom

© Matteo Capone
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