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PuroSole is a revolutionary system for artisanal coffee roasting that uses only solar energy without damaging the environment. Through this mechanism beans are transformed quickly and, keeping their best organoleptic characteristics, toasted thanks to the sun’s rays.

To keep the light beam in a fixed point, motorized instruments are used, called concentration heliostats, which automatically change the inclination of the mirrors according to the earth’s rotation and sun’s position.

All the heliostats that make up the system are autonomous and independent but are digitally synchronized with each other via a wireless network. This high level of automation allows even a single operator to produce over 200 kg of coffee in a day.

Giulia Tornari's quote:

“The image combines two fundamental aspects in a good way: the documentary value and the visual construction. The documentary aspect, in a journalistic sense, is evident from the theme of the image and it has centered very precisely with respect to the competition because it analyzes the use of clean energy in the industrial sector. From a more visual point of view, this image is built thanks to geometric elements, a technical and conscious use of light and smoke that makes a surreal atmosphere. This brings to mind a mix of industrial landscapes from the late 19th century, therefore an industry of the past, but the glacial light recalls a more aseptic and future industry. This image condenses within itself a series of elements which, although not very identifiable, generate questions and in those who see it a desire to know more, to understand what the caption explains to us. For me this is photography, opening new horizons in those who look at the images “.

© Matteo Capone
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