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The Sorbo's Valley, a large uncontaminated area of ​​the Veio Regional Park, one of the main green lungs of the capital, extends in the northern suburb of Rome, between the municipalities of Formello and Campagnano di Roma.

Wet by the Cremera river, the area is characterized by tuffaceous valleys of the Roman countryside and populated by livestock bred in the wild. The zone is protected as Site of Community Interest (SIC), i.e. particularly suitable for the conservation of useful habitats maintenance of biodiversity of flora and fauna.

This big green house, lived in harmony by her inhabitants, appears as if suspended in a time far from contemporaneity. The Sorbo's Valley represents an oasis of escape from the confusion of the city, but above all it is a current and concrete example of how nature can be respected and valued.

© Matteo Capone
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