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Photography is made of connections. There are the latent ones, which cross us obliquely, with an impalpable energy, and the real ones, made up of people, sensations and emotions: an enormous network, embroidered by a thread in which the needle converges in our mind, to then cross every space, whether invisible or visible.

On the street we often feel the sensation of having glimpsed these same connections in the faces of our subjects, or in the contexts illuminated by the sun. We smell them, we feel their presence:  they are like vibrations that move between us. Their strength is indomitable, inscrutable and their manifestation, out of nowhere, and in often unpredictable forms, disturbs us, disorientates us and throws us headlong into a synesthetic world in which everything takes on a more intense, more visceral meaning. "Reti Invisibili" can manifest themselves for brief moments, from the juxtaposition of shooting planes, from the convulsive movement of a subject within the scene or from the light that hits our subjects at the right time, in the right place.

It's an unstoppable chain of events that only some are able to see. Invisible networks are everywhere and move in their own dimension. Sometimes they have to be looked for, other times they present themselves to us as if they were elements of a photographic set, other times they are just the result of shameless luck.

© Matteo Capone
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