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The Aqueduct Park, known in the past as "Old Rome", is a city park of approximately 240 hectares located in the seventh municipality of Rome.

In 1986, after years of slums, illegal constructions and risks of building speculation, it was included in the Appia Antica Regional Park thanks to the intervention of some active citizens who joined the Committee for the Protection of the Aqueduct Park. It is an iconic garden of Roman history and culture that the great Italian directors have always used in their films: "La Dolce Vita" by Federico Fellini (1960), "Mamma Roma" by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1962), "La Grande Bellezza" by Paolo Sorrentino (2013).

Sentieri born from the awareness of the visual identity of the Roman countryside which, from a point of reference, has became a place of pleasant confusion. Therefore the architectural charm of the Roman aqueducts is welcomed but the research becomes a path which, between enigmatic, extravagant and unexpected encounters, returns an harmonious link between nature and the human figure, where the visible and the invisible meet in a state of temporal suspension.

© Matteo Capone
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